Karolina Bracławiec

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I am a person devoted to a constant search, openly accepting what is coming. I express myself through emotions, which are the main medium of my work. I integrate and fall in love with what is difficult: weakness, crying, fear, pain, anger, frustration, hatred, ignorance or regret - to experience life to the full; a life of love, delight and pleasure! This process was initiated by the thought I do not know, expressed years ago at the master diploma exhibition. This idea, which constantly accompanies me, evolves and opens up new routes for creative activities and development, becoming a pretext for further artistic realizations. Thanks to I do not know I also discovered that of all things in the world, resting is the state that delights me the most! I'm curious where this discovery will lead me!

I studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland, and it was one of the most beautiful adventures in my life. Today, I am fascinated by the creativity of the heart, the idea of following the inner guidance, and freeing myself from the ego, which has accompanied me so far. I also had a chance to study abroad - in Istanbul (Erasmus Scholarship). I remember that time as an adventure full of experiencing myself among people, discovering new qualities, colors, tastes and sounds, broadly expanding the scope of my painting and spiritual palette. Also, having had a chance to work as a teacher, I got to know myself and others better. I quickly understood that in this role, imposed by the system, my soul was withering and crying out for freedom. I also experienced art therapy during my postgraduate studies. However, I abandoned all the methods I had learnt in favor of freedom and listening to myself with my heart. I moved on.

Bravely and boldly, I took part in many exhibitions, projects, training sessions, workshops, programs and grand hitchhiking trips in Poland and around the world; including the USA, Luxembourg, the already mentioned Turkey, and many parts of Europe. Thanks to the received scholarships, many exhibitions, projects and travels took place. Being thankful for the past ones, I am looking forward to the new ones.

My name is Karolina Bracławiec, I am a visual artist, painter. I invite you to a meeting with me and yourself through my work and life. May the Breath and Delight be with you!

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