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Karolina Bracławiec's Painting (Karolina Bracławiec Malarstwo), City Box, Center of Culture (Centrum Kultury 105), Koszalin 2016

I've alway been accompanied by humanity. With all the riches and curses of human fate. When pondered over and processed, it becomes a pretext for building a form, an image and exploration. I am talking about the postmodern world, where everything is fluid, and the need to survive and stay afloat brings about a second necessity - to be flexible, to be able to adopt various attitudes and behaviour patterns. The present world is about the affirmation of appearances, passive acceptance. I look at the meaning of this mass spectacle; a crowd of unpaid actors; human relationships and layers of human nature.

When the moment comes, you have to enter the scene consciously. How can you focus the viewer's attention in the world of surfing view, in the rush of information and prevailing inconstancy of meanings? I am not going to tell you that. I am not going to tell you anything about the truth; what is the meaning of all that art? - I won't tell you that. I am trying to find it out just like you. You are asking, you are trying to read into it. I am asking; I am trying to read into it. Repeatedly surpassing myself all over again, I sometimes even believe I've found something; sometimes it even impresses me; and then I start to wander about again. Good crop frightens me just so strongly, as strong is the delight I take in poor harvest. (...) Inquisitiveness is my trait; I don't like superficiality. The ability to watch the world is a challenge for me. Will I profit on any of this? Come up on stage.