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I do not know (nie wiem), Karolina Bracławiec, WL 4 Mleczny Piotr, Imperial Shipyard, Gdańsk 2019
coordination: Magdalena Pela
Funded by the Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdańsk

“Now I'm person, and everything that happens means something. Because it doesn't only happen, it happens to me.”
Tove Jansson “Moomins”

“I don't know - and I think it's also invaluable that I've learned that to say consciously I don't know is the biggest challenge.” This is exactly something I wrote five years ago in my graduate thesis. This paper was a commentary on the painterly exposure of things that had touched my heart - I was looking at the stage of this world, which appeared to me a spectacle; full of masks, superficial and lacking authenticity. The reviewer of my work, Anna Reinert, wrote then: “I am very curious where Karolina Bracławiec will take this inquisitiveness and aversion to superficiality. I have no doubts that it will not be a straight path from A to B. I predict meanders and crossroads, full of fast runs and timid reverses, beautiful views and dangerous nooks and crannies. So a fascinating, artistic journey is to be expected; a journey I will be watching with curiosity. "

„Then we refuse to laugh or let go, because we might discover – who knows what?

Again, this process does not have to be considered an obstacle or a problem. Even though it feels like an arrow or a sword, if we use it as an opportunity to become aware or how we try to recreate overselves over and over again, it turns into a flower. We can allow ourselves to be inquistive or open about what has jus happened and what will happen next. Instead of struggling to regain our concept of who we are, we can touch in to tht mind of simply not knowing, which is basic wisdom mind.”
Pema Chödrön, „When Things Fall Apart”

Today I'm sharing my world. Imperfect – as it is. A world that has permission and openness to pain and unwanted emotions. I am sharing a world full of tensions: Disappointments. Frustration, Anger, Fear, Toil, Fear, Suffering. And I'm showing that they constitute our existence and are a value. A value so meticulously displaced in favor of perfection, being strong, creating images and all those things we expect of ourselves! What do we do it for? I am sharing a world that says: get closer to the truth about yourself. Accept uncertainty and imperfection. You have the right to be yourself.

The present exhibition shows that a process of an artistic path, which has in itself a consent to the time of no creativity, where you confront your own faces and emotions, both on the canvas and in the head, is a long therapeutic path. I do not know is always there with you. Today I am here and now. So I stand before you naked, full of emotions, reconciliated and integrated with another part of my Self. With I do not know having opened mindfulness and the loving consent to being myself, I understood that the hardest thing for me was to encounter with my own masks, camouflages, games that were protecting me from things my eyes did not want to see.

Each picture is another shell of a multi-level layer of meaning; a confrontation of attitudes that arise around the thought I do not know; a carrier of emotions, assigned attitudes, assigned value, and facing what is inscrutable. It is the creativity of the heart and emotions. The paintings are often accompanied by people, thanks to whom I was able to look at myself in the mirror and be closer to the truth. I dedicate the art pieces to them.

I invite you to discover your truths – the truths that resonate with your sensitivity.