what do you miss (o czym tęsknisz), Karolina Bracławiec, Żak Gallery, Gdańsk 2020

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what do you miss (o czym tęsknisz), Karolina Bracławiec, Żak Gallery, Gdańsk 2020 curator Agata Nowosielska
Funded by the Cultural Scholarship of the City of Gdańsk

Text: Agata Nowosielska, curator

I do not know. Based on Karolina Bracławiec's paintings.

Painting pictures - an activity that requires a full commitment from the artist - to become a snowball, an avalanche falling down with great force.
Karolina Bracławiec's painting becomes such a force, an element - full of trials and layers - to collapse in a moment and collect everything along the way. It is by no means a destructive force - on the contrary - such a comparison is only made to point to the power of painting. Tondas levitating in space - some of them tabula rasa - and others filled with a gesture, frugal, sometimes more courageous - express the slow process of overcoming the pandemic that has hit the entire globe and affects all artists in the world.The empty tondas are an incentive to fill space with content, form, and dynamic structure. Or they might remain empty to stop the moment. There is maturity in this painting; it allowed for the gesture of departing from the colors and showing only the raw canvases. Such an action is a conceptual weapon in the fight against the times of a pandemic.

Today, I feel I've got the power and capacity to have a real influence over things that are important to me. I am the one to choose, decide, and at the same time, with power and strength, I open myself to experiencing everything that comes to me. Sometimes the beautiful and sometimes the difficult. I touch them and integrate with the Jungian shadow. (Karolina Bracławiec)

Karolina Bracławiec's exhibition is a dialogue with both conceptual art and an echo of painting from the past; the exhibition is about the form- the tondo, which was used by Parmingianino, Caravaggio, but also by a contemporary British sculptor Anish Kapoor.

The exhibition is based on an interesting concept - showing painting and creating a spatial composition – literary - a body of moving pictures.

The pandemic situation allowed the artist to show her jittery and anxiety - emotions that she no longer suppressed, but which emerge clearly in her art.

I don't know- the artist asks herself and simultaneously makes a series of attempts, sketches; gives a new meaning to the old old art pieces, and oscillates around new formal solutions.

Karolina Bracławiec's painting is a gesture, sometimes sweeping, sometimes uncertain; it is a consistent path, an expedition into the depths of art and the possibility of presenting it in a new version.

The emotions that accompany Karolina Bracławiec at work are clear to us. In some vibrating tondas, the colors are crazy, in the others, there is an absolute lack of stimuli. The tondas are a kinetic record of the artist's feelings. Thus, they are compelling and memorable, leaving space free for interpretation.